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Partner of World Expo 2010, China in All-Media Monitoring
Top Service Provider in China's Personalized Intelience Industry

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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

All Media Public Opinion Monitoring Clipping
We fully control public opinions!
We are media monitoring partner of World Expo and the national economic census of the State Council leading group with 19 years of rich industry experience. We adopt intelligent and manual mode to achieve the all media as well as providing information simultaneously.

Client Value 1
We offer customers a wide range of high standard analysis report to help customers in controlling media public opinion precisely.

Client Value 2
We offer a comprehensive value statistics and accurate calculations to help customers in rationalizing publicity investment.

Client Value 3
We provide in-depth research, comprehension and trend analysis of various industries to help clients in mastering the trends and laws of media public opinion.
Industry News Information clipping
Master industry dynamics and latest information
At present, there are overall 1300 types of newspaper throughout the country including nearly 300 types run by the state, 10 to 40 types in each province and more than 200 local newspaper.
Industry Information Daily
Based on your choice of category and content, we read a minimum of 300 newspapers, log in to 200 websites, download and manage the web materials for more than 10 daily (50+ weekly) and send to you via e-mail every day.
Industry Information Weekly
Based on your choice of categories and content, we download and classify the latest required information from 1000 newspapers and 200 websites across the country.
Industry Information Monthly
Customized information services; Contents of subscribed information can be altered any time; Improve efficiency of daily reading; Equivalent to thirty days of normal work reading volume.
Free and easy
Improve efficiency
Timely Information
Low cost
Thematic Clipping
Review of Media News
We collaborate with more than 200 libraries, more than 200 press stations, more than 500 newspaper clippings associations to carry out content processing and analysis, and form special clipping reports according to the characteristics of quick, new and simple presentation.
Event clipping
Provide the most professional event exhibition report, covering the media, newspapers, Internet, television, radio and mobile communications.
Exhibition clipping
Realistic visuals provide media strategies for events
Timely monitoring of more than 3,000 domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines, more than 300 radio and television and all websites and BBS information, available in Chinese, English, Japanese, French and other 40 languages for various institutions, enterprises, organizations to provide professional media-wide monitoring and media clipping services.
1 Media monitoring
2 Original clippings
3 Statistics on media coverage
4 Analysis report of media monitoring
Birthday clipping
Review the years with clipping
The picture below is Grand Bulletin which was born in the same day with Ma Zhenyu, an old newspaper in the Republic of China.
Newborn clippings
Record the joy with clipping
A personalized newspaper souvenir of the same day or place with the birth of a newborn.
Marriage Memorial clipping
Use clipping clippings memory
According to your request, choose the newspaper of your marriage’s day or place, and then make a beautiful wedding gift.
Gift clipping
Use clipping to sublimate gifts
All staff carefully plan and design every newspaper clipping gift, and strive to bring the permanent collection to every friend!

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