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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Profile of Oriental Clipping Film and Television Center
We provide in-depth services for enterprises in enterprise information, advertising and public opinion monitoring. In addition, we provide film and television shooting for enterprises expressing the glory, thoughts and brilliance to everyone.
On the basis of media monitoring, we rely on rich media resources and collaborate with institutions such as "Central Propaganda Department Five Continents Communication Center", "CCTV Discovery Tour", "CCTV Science and Education Channel", "Chinese Social and Cultural Development Foundation", producing a number of propaganda films, documentaries, feature films, movie etc. to provide government and enterprise with one-stop service including image maintenance, public opinion, public relations and promotion.
Main Business
Urban propaganda film
Enterprise feature film
Advertisement film
Feature documentary
Other categories
Process of Cooperation
(1)The preparatory stage of advertising video

1.Communicate with our client clearly to let know the real demand for advertising video production.

2.Establish the division of works and labors for the whole advertising propaganda film production, carry out creative design based on client’s demands.

3. The production member will collect the relevant video materials, pictures and other references for the production of the propaganda film.

4. The creative team will submit the ideas and relevant materials for the review of project supervision and director.

5. The copywriter will in charge on the creative plan and commentary of the advertisement.

6. The proposal will be sent to production director for approval after the review of producer and director as well as quotation being made.

7. The production director will propose amendments to the proposals and quotations.

8. Creative proposals of propaganda films will be submitted to clients for their feedback.

9. Amendments will be made according to the customer's comments.

10. Both parties will sign the production contract and the relevant shooting request confirmation.

(2) Filming stage

1. The production team will create a storyboard according to the concept of advertisement, then it will be reviewed and determined by the director.

2. The director and the filming crew will check out the shooting spots and preliminarily determine the use position of camera.

3. The director will take charge of the preparation meeting of the filming work, confirming the detailed breakdown of shootings.

4. The actual shooting work is officially carried out and client will assign people monitoring the shooting site and cooperating with the production team.

(3) Post-production stage

1. The special effects engineering group develops the visual art packaging design work, recording group carries out recording work of the commentary and music group carries out music and sound effects collection, screening and synthesis work.

2. Post-production team begins the editing works after all the footage has been transferring into the editing system.

3. First trial and specific recommendation will be done by the director.

4. The special effects engineering group completed the packaging design work.

5. Producer and, director will review on the outputs and propose amendments.

6. The revised output will be submitted to the client.

7. The production team makes the first revision according to the client's opinion which is in written form.

8. The customer will submit the revised version of the sample to the clients again.

9. The revised sample will be submitted to the client for the final modification suggestion.

10. After the reviews and confirmations from clients, client will sign and receive the final product of propaganda film.


From preliminary planning to implementation of shooting, from film editing to 3D special effects.

From idea to picture, from text to music.

Planning team, shooting team, post-production team, Oriental Clipping achieves the integrity and perfection!

The Beautiful Countryside

Based on the natural geography and social cultural perspectives, “ The Beautiful Countryside” is a documentary on peoples in China's rural area to depict and transmit the changes of the contemporary Chinese countryside, expressing the attitude of rural people towards their life.

The Wonders of China •3D

The first 3D documentary series of comprehensive introduction of China's natural history and human geography, with majestic atmosphere and beautiful scenes including the Great Wall, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Mount Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Xishuangbanna, Guilin, Wuzhen, Dunhuang, Shangri-la and Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.

The Way of AIIB

The prequel story of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.The production team had travelled to Indonesia, Cambodia, UK, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Turkey and India to explore the establishment of the AIIB; AIIB had gone through 38 months and more than 1,000 days from its founding to successful opening.

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