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Partner of World Expo 2010, China in All-Media Monitoring
Top Service Provider in China's Personalized Intelience Industry

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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Main Contributions
The concept of "All-Media Monitoring" was proposed for the first time

In 2010, Mr. Wang Jianbo led the team in winning the World Expo media monitoring and clipping project, saying that "only all-media monitoring can we control the message and shape the public opinion", and for the first time putting forward the concept of "all-media monitoring".

The first to explain the concept and theory of all media public opinion monitoring

In 2012, Mr. Wang Jianbo, media and public opinion monitoring expert, was invited to attend the 3rd China Information Security Conference. In 2012, he was invited to attend the China Media Conference and successively explained the media monitoring theory to the industry.

The first to invent the all media monitoring big data intelligent management patent

On October 1, 2013, Wang Jianbo led Oriental Clipping to win the patent qualification certificate of the big data intelligent management system.

Research and works

1 China's Cutting-Edge Technology: Public Opinion Monitoring Analysis Platform and Key Technologies Research in Big Data Environment (2014).
2 China Frontier Theory: Applied Research on Decision Support for Social Sentiment in Big Data Environment (2015).
3 Building China's planning factory (Economic Times, January 23, 2002, sixth edition).
4 《Biography of Ou Zongqing》(People's Daily, January 2004, first edition).

Media Reports

Reported by Wang Haizhen, reporter of [Chinese Children]:

Oriental clippings has already broadened the literal meaning of "newspaper clippings", which has become a powerful tool for the monitoring of media public opinion in the government and enterprises. Mr. Wang might not have thought that the newspaper clippings he stumbled on at his desk when he visited Mr. Li Ka-shing in 1998 would be his inspiration for starting a business. 16 years later, he sat his desk in the bustling business district of CBD in Beijing's Chaoyang district, recalling the exciting meeting and the inspirations. On one side of the wall in his office, there’s a photo of Mr.Li and Mr.Wang. Then he named it as "Oriental clippings". Today's "Oriental clippings" is not only providing clipping services but also more comprehensive news, advertisement information, analysis as well as early warning. Of course, its channels are not limited to newspapers and magazines, but full coverage of broadcasting, TV, Internet, Weibo, WeChat, mobile, outdoor and foreign media. In recent years, as having been collaborating with a numbers of influential government agencies and enterprises such as the Expo, land and resources bureau information center, the Forbidden City, Sanyuan Milk, Shougang group, and Walmart and so on government departments and world-class company brand influence depth of cooperation, Oriental Clipping has grown into the leader of media public opinion monitoring industry.


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