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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......


Crisis Warning – Sanyuan Group

During the period when China responding to the cases of "problematic milk powder", Beijing Sanyuan Group commissioned us to do a "Sanyuan daily media report monitoring " and we immediately started the crisis warning. September 20, 2008, a clerical error done by Daily News reporter on news regarding to " Melamine found in milk product of several famous brands such as Mengniu, Yili, Guangming, Sanyuan and so on". 4:27 pm in the same day, the article was issued on the internet, 4:30pm, our media monitoring center found out the negative news. It was Saturday and our staffs at once informed Sanyuan by phone quickly. It got the attention of Sanyuan leaders. They took decisive and urgent measures. The newspaper published a "sincere apology" to Sanyuan and the public on the front page on September 22, 2008 and republished the correct article. Oriental Clippings’ crisis warning had saved Sanyuan from the serious loss of public opinion. To this end, the leaders of Sanyuan personally called the head to express their "heartful thanks".

Finance & Insurance - Bank of Beijing

Bank of Beijing, one of the well-known city commercial banks in China, was grandly listed in September 2007. Our clipping center was commissioned for its original newspaper clippings, from 1st to 20th September 2007, "Bank of Beijing initial public offering of A shares media clipping", in a timely manner to witness the entire listing process of Bank of Beijing from the extensive information release, a grand solicitation to the public enthusiastic subscription and the public enthusiastic response, a true and comprehensive record of the Bank of Beijing’s important milestone, it has become an original newspaper clipping collection with a variety of quick and accurate local and abroad media reporting on the listing of Bank of Beijing. In addition, Oriental Clippings had also provided cooperation services for China PICC Group, Jet Li One Foundation and the League of Nations Security Fund to provide media monitoring topics, newspaper clipping, competitor intelligence and newspaper clipping.

Large Scale Enterprise - Shougang Group

China Shougang Group, is one of the top ten iron and steel enterprises. Oriental clipping personalized information query and media monitoring report services are popular in the Shougang Group. Orient clipping information center promptly carried out and delivered the inquiry and monitoring of the contents about their designated domestic and international steel-related enterprises and industry trends according to their requirement, it has become their daily and weekly must-see information or analysis report during the working hours, as additional force for their thinking and decision-making on business.

Social Responsibility - China's First Earthquake Relief Clippings

May 12, 2008, an enormous earthquake was happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan, China. The bravery of Chinese Communist Youth League members, youth volunteers and young people's organizations that have rushed to the disaster areas for disaster relief has been widely reported by the media. Eastern clipping had made concerted efforts and produced the very first earthquake relief newspaper in China - "Earthquake Relief, we are with you," clipping and recording the reports of the newspapers, radio, television, online media on this incident. It has been accredited by the CYL Central Committee.

Government Agencies - Cooperate with National Large-scale Research Activities

In July 2006, commissioned by the Rural Work Department of the State Council Development Research Center, the Oriental Clipping Intelligence Center monitored the incomes and employment situation of Chinese peasants in the first half of 2006. In particular, we have written " China's rural economic situation analysis report in the first half of 2006 ". We put forward the corresponding policy recommendations which was highly appreciated by state departments, thus providing an important reference for the adjustment of national rural work. Orient clipping commissioned by the State Council National Economic Census Leading Group set up a special team to carry out a comprehensive and accurate timely media monitoring and compilation works. Despite the vast scale of the monitoring work, we made concerted efforts to complete the task and submit it to the country.

International Institutions - World Federation of Business Planners

Since January 2005, in the cooperation with World Business Planners Association (WBSA), we had been credited to provide information services. Then, the Ukrainian Embassy in China commissioned Oriental Clippings to provide daily clippings service in order to keep abreast of the media coverage on the situation of local public opinion of Ukraine.In September 2009, Oriental Clippers received an invitation to tender from the EU delegation to China and hoped we would provide daily media monitoring and public opinion clipping service. Our colleagues make concerted efforts to complete the tender with the shortest possible time, and with a good attitude to meet the needs of international organizations, media monitoring services test and challenge.

Major Events - State Sports General Administration

In October 2008, following the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, another world-class sports athletics project - the first World Intellectual Games was held in Beijing, the capital of China. We was exclusively in charge of media monitoring and clipping. Our monitoring team have produced a collection of 2800 articles of various articles, compiling it into a full set "1st World Intellectual Games Clippings Album" of total 16 volumes, "1st World Intelligence Games Media Monitoring Analysis Report", providing a valuable media strategy reference data for the national sports departments.

Public Opinion Monitoring - Weihai fire

1. Summary
Time: May 29, 2014
Venue: Xiangu Ding Scenic Area, Weihai City, Shandong Province
Casualties: 0
Incident: 3 pm, a fire occurred in Jiaodong Peninsula Shangu scenic area, 710mu of area got affected including 370mu of forest area. 5 helicopters were mobilized to participate in the firefighting process and total 68 hours spent to extinguish the fire until 11.04am, June 1.
1, Public Opinion Monitoring Time: May 29 - June 3
Scope: print media, radio and television media, internet media, Weibo, WeChat, blog, forum, Tieba, foreign media.
2, Public Opinion Trend Analysis
With comprehensive, detailed and accurate data as well as scientific analysis with truths and facts, intuitively describing the occurrence of public opinion and objective reporting to quell the entire process.

Client’s Evaluation

Guo Qing, Head of the organization department in Shougang Group Party Committee

The strength Oriental Clipping which is the customization and flexibility in modulations are useful for us to have more than 90 percent of information, it is really convenient for our works.


Mr.Yin, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources Information Centre

Oriental Clippings are really excellent and getting more recognition from us. We appreciate the efforts of them.


Ms. Bai Huajie, China's State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping

Thankful for the hard works from Oriental Clippings, providing us with rich information in a timely manner and great convenience for our work.


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