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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Finance & Insurance Industry Solutions Basic Services
First, the information of financial insurance enterprises is institutionalized
According to the characteristics of public opinion in finance and insurance industry, we construct the financial insurance public opinion analysis model, generates and derives different types of public opinion charts through multi-dimensional visual analysis such as public opinion funnel, emotional dashboard, geographical distribution model, competing product comparison model, netizen analysis model and incident reporting model.
Second, the information monitoring of financial insurance enterprises is normalized
By establishing a corpus of financial insurance industry monitoring and providing a searchable database of key words, the collected textual contents of the financial insurance industry are classified and labeled.
Third, financial insurance enterprise information disposal centralization
Users can customize the establishment of events and monitor and analyze the special events in real time in a timely manner to avoid sudden negative public opinion and timely real-time warning so that the enterprises can timely respond to the adverse contents.
Fourth, financial and insurance business information to guide socialization
For the financial insurance companies, there are many major events every year, such as new service launches, new product launches, product offers, and financial and insurance product exhibitions. The successful fulfillment of these things is of great importance to the enterprises as a whole.
We will open the industry information library to our partners.
Exclusive to financial insurance industry word library
We establish a huge financial insurance keyword library, including 36331 public opinion database, 20 major financial insurance companies, 96 indicators, more than 100 financial insurance products.
Dedicated to the financial insurance industry's massive data integration
We cover eight public opinion carrier, more than 120 mainstream financial insurance class web site data, more than 600 WeChat public platform for financial insurance data, nearly 330 major V point of review data, financial insurance and Baidu’s Tieba, each big BBS data, financial insurance. And our daily update data volume is more than 7,000.
19 years of experience in the financial and insurance industry
With 19 years of financial insurance industry experience, relying on 38 all-media information monitoring system, based on 10000+ mainstream medias, combined with data of China's financial and insurance industry,we form the whole set of financial and insurance industry solution.
Realize the individualized requirement of financial and insurance industry
We provide not only stable, accurate and quick monitoring and analysis of public opinion for yourself, but also the entire industry including your competitors. With insights into public opinion trends and knowing the industry dynamics, we will help enterprises understand the brand public opinion dynamics and public relations sensitive information.
Detect public opinion of financial and insurance and respond with quick crisis warning
With ongoing 7*24 hours of collecting, we detect the relevant public opinions and automatically send alerts for major negative public opinions so as to publish accurate information and repair the corporate image at once.
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