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Top Service Provider in China's Personalized Intelience Industry

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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Start your public opinion service with our lawyer now
We work hand in hand with 100 top local lawyers in order to maintain the image and reputation of Chinese enterprises, forming an one-stop intelligence agency exclusively for enterprises.
All media public opinion monitoring coverage:
Internet, print media, BBS, blog, Weibo, APP, TV, broadcast, foreign media, outdoor

Media monitoring analyst

(public opinion warning)

Public opinion monitoring analyst


Public opinion lawyer

(Free door-to-door service)

Three specialists work together in controlling public opinions
1. Professional all media public opinion monitoring analyst.
2. Professional public opinion analysts.
3. Professional public opinion lawyer.

Complete data without omissions.

Maintain brand image

10 minutes of quick reaction

Risk precaution Early warning Professional industry lawyers Exclusive customized solution

Services coverage:

182 countries and regions, 3000 broadcast and TV media, 3000 print media, 10,000 online social media, 200000 public opinion site

Unique network enquiry system:

We collaborate with 200+ libraries, 200+ news bureaus, 500+ newspaper&clippings and 2000+ information analyst carrying out real-time monitoring at home and abroad for current offline information.

Senior public opinion lawyer - Liu Junli  Experience: more than 10 years

Areas of expertise: Focusing on civil and commercial economic disputes business and economic crime defense business. Bachelor of Laws of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Civil and Commercial Law of China University of Political Science.

Senior public opinion lawyer - Zhang Xingkuan  Experience: more than 10 years

Areas of expertise: Criminal defense, criminal dispute commercial and civil dispute resolution.

Senior public opinion lawyer - Liu Junli  Experience: more than 10 years

Specialized areas: Focus on the field of enterprise risk management and project investment and financing legal services. Nankai University, undergraduate law, Renmin University of China graduate students of finance equivalent.

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