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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......





Government solution

Choosing the basic service of Oriental clippings: Establishing institutionalized public opinion information; day-to-day government-monitored

Choosing Oriental Shear Service Library: Establishing the

Choose the Oriental newspaper clipping government solution: Meet the government


Enterprise solution

The Oriental clippings business solutions can not only

The most important part of the solution will focus on improving the ability of enterprise networks to monitor public opinion and enhance

The Oriental clippings business solution is continuously monitored through 7*24 hours, and the relevant public information will be discovered


Financial Solutions

The Oriental newspaper newspaper financial insurance public opinion management can not only monitor, analyze and analyze its own public opinion in a stable, accurate, and fast manner, but also can comprehensively monitor and analyze the public opinion of the competitors and the financial and insurance industry public opinion, self-subscription to formulate


Real solutions

Oriental newspaper clippings help companies build their own information base through the system. Master a powerful real estate database, and intelligently analyze data and present it visually to provide real-time business services for real estate companies. According to the characteristics of the

The Oriental newspaper clipping suggested that the solution should be


Automotive Solutions

Oriental newspaper clippings integrate Internet car data, and fully understand the auto industry's public opinion data in real time. Information covers 8 sensation carriers, more than 40 mainstream automotive website data

With the accumulation of data on the monitoring of the automobile industry, public


Mall solution

Oriental Newspapers established a mall shopping center keyword library, from different latitudes, different indicators, with different information thesaurus, professional thesaurus, advertising thesaurus, lyrics vocabulary. Among them, the lyrics database of 27,118 covers 8 major sales formats (special


Luxury Solutions

Oriental Clipping Luxury Information Management has developed a real-time tracking management function for major events for luxury companies. For luxury goods companies, there will be many major events every year, such as new listings, product promotions, luxury product exhibitions, etc. The successful conclusion of these events

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