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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Definition of Enterprise Information Monitoring
The Oriental Clippings’ enterprise information refers to the enterprise information, advertising information, public opinion information which affect the enterprise's work and image.
Information monitoring of the enterprise, refers to the above information, advertising information, public opinion through technology software and means for collecting, cleaning, screening, rendering, monitoring, early warning, extraction, analysis, adjustment, to effect such as the sum of a series of work.
First, corporate information monitoring is institutionalized
Enterprises build their own information library through institutional construction and get hold of a strong database of real estate public opinion, and carry out intelligent analysis on the data as well as visual presentation, to provide daily work services for themselves.
Second, enterprise information monitoring is normalized
We provide daily services such as intelligent analysis of data and visual presentation through strong enterprise information monitoring database.
Thirdly, enterprise information monitoring and disposal are centralized
Information office shall be established as the specific executive department responsible for information disposal of relevant enterprises. The monitoring results of enterprise information shall be submitted to the system.
Fourth, establish enterprise information monitoring event management
Enterprise information management should include the function of real-time tracking and management of enterprise events. Enterprises should be good at communicating with the news media, effectively using the power of internet management department to perform the leading role of mainstream media.
Fifth, determine the scope of enterprise information monitoring
Enterprise's own media monitoring scope: enterprise website, enterprise Weibo,, enterprise mobile site, enterprise APP, etc.
Mainstream social media monitoring: news websites, Weibo, WeChat, headlines, video, audio, pictures, BBS, etc.
We will open up the information resource base and carry out in-depth cooperation of enterprise information solution.
Exclusive to financial insurance industry word library
We established a huge industry keyword library, from different latitudes and different indicators, combining with industry database.
Dedicated to the financial insurance industry's massive data integration
Our information covers eight public opinion carrier, more than 30,000 mainstream financial insurance class web site data, more than 3,370 WeChat public platform for financial insurance data, nearly 1,520 major V point of review data, financial insurance and Baidu’s Tieba, each big BBS data, financial insurance. And our daily update data volume is more than 13,000
19 years of experiences
With 19 years of experiences in enterprise information monitoring, public opinion monitoring, advertising monitoring and data accumulation, relying on the country's 38 kinds of all-media information monitoring system, combining with China's all industry data, we form a complete set of our own enterprise information solutions.
Fulfill the personalized demand of enterprise information monitoring
We not only provide stable, accurate and fast monitoring analysis of your enterprise’s public opinion, but also a comprehensive monitoring analysis of your competitors in all industry, public opinion insight as well as industry dynamics in order to help enterprises getting hold of any sensitive news, public opinion, etc.
Quick warning of the crisis
With 7*24 hours of uninterrupted collection, we will publish the accurate information and repair the corporate image once the relevant public opinions have been found.
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