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Top Service Provider in China's Personalized Intelience Industry

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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Value-added Services




All media Release

All media release with one-stop service to eliminates the tedious process

100000 + professional and efficient first-hand home and abroad media resources

Express registration provided for multi-dimensional effect analysis with high efficiency


SEO Optimization

Necessary for online marketing, full search engine site exposure

Peer competition analysis to create a competitive smart website

Keywords search volume, the overall negative sink


Network Operation

Prepare detailed online marketing profit model analysis and positioning.

Regular contract with legal operation; full refund due to non-compliance of operation according to contract

-Promotion plans on a monthly basis, to show effects of every step


Press Conference

Long-term cooperation with 5,000 domestic media and 3000 professional journalists and editors

9 options offered for press conference, enabling a new era of communication

Professional public opinion analysis team, to collect feedbacks and produce analysis reports.


Public Opinion Lawyer

Solving enterprise issues: brand under malicious attack, product advertisement infringement

Avoid risk, prompt warning, matching industry law experts

The top 100 domestic lawyers are working together to maintain the brand image and create a one-stop intelligence agency


3D Shooting

Design and show a moving city card with your business anytime

360 °product showcase with 720 ° panoramic view; Cross-platform display with multi-channel sharing

Immerse yourself without walking; Image compression processing with caching technology


Television Center

Urban propaganda films, enterprise feature films, advertisement, special documentaries and other businesses

Connects everyone in the world with the lens of cultures and ideas

To organize, plan, produce programs and audio-visual products for government enterprises

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