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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......


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New media public opinion monitoring report (excerpt)
New media public opinion monitoring coverage
WeChat, Weibo, headlines, Twitter, BBS, Tieba, blogs and other public opinion information carriers.
In-depth study to avoid crisis
Delving into the new media information, tracing the source of the crisis, finding the hidden danger, and taking corresponding guidance to avoid the spreading.
7*24 hours monitoring with customized report
We provide services such as new media daily/weekly/monthly/annual new media public opinion monitoring report, competing product analysis and public opinion event analysis.
New media monitoring coverage:
1 million+ Weibo key accounts 100,000+ WeChat official accounts 800,000+ BBS sites.
Intelligent viewing of expert’s interpretation:
Clients can view the multi-dimensional information from our system and develop the new media solution plan.
Updated in minutes, quick warning:
Data will be updated the soonest in 3 minute with 7*24 hours crisis-warning.
Customized report:
Clients can customize different forms of report templates according to their needs.
Real-time getting hold of latest changes
Accurate analysis of focused information
Early warning of crisis
Thematic event analysis
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