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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

First, the information of real luxury enterprises is institutionalized.
We build our own information library through institutional construction and get hold of a strong database of real estate public opinion
Second, the information monitoring of luxury enterprises is normalized./div>
Through the establishment of real estate industry monitoring corpus, we provide searchable database of keywords, according to certain rules and project for the collection of real estate industry classification and labeling text content, text merge and keyword extraction.
Thirdly, the centralization of information disposition of luxury enterprises.
The luxury public opinion management should have event management function, which can customize events, monitor and analyze special events in real time, avoid sudden negative public opinions, and achieve real-time warning so that the company can respond to unfavorable contents in time.
Fourthly, the information guidance of luxury enterprises is socialized
The information management of Oriental clippings has also developed real-time tracking management of major events for the real estate industry.
Luxury Industry Solutions Library
We suggested once the above foundation works have been established, industry information library will be opened to our partners in luxury industry for in-depth cooperation. The main services of solution library include:
Exclusive to the luxury industry word library
We have established a huge database of luxury with diverse information, advertisement and public opinion from different latitudes and indicators including public opinion dictionary of 29864 covering 10 luxury types (fashions, jewelry, watch, car, cosmetic, pen, smartphone, leather products, accessories, clothing) 82 indicators, 700+ luxury brands for a comprehensive and accurate insight into luxury industry public opinion.
A huge amount of data integration for the luxury industry
We integrate data from the internet comprehensively for getting hold of luxury industry public opinion. All the information covered eight public opinion carriers, 80+ major luxury website data, 450+ Wechat luxury official page data, nearly 150 luxury industry big V opinion data as well as Baidu Tieba, each luxury BBS data and more than 5000 updated data per day.
19 years of experiences
With 19 years of luxury industry information monitoring, public opinion monitoring, advertising monitoring and data accumulation relying on the country's 38 kinds of all-media information monitoring system through the mainstream media 10,000+ (Internet, newspapers, magazines, television
Fulfill the personalized demand of public opinion in luxury industry
We not only provide stable, accurate and fast monitoring analysis of your enterprise’s public opinion, but also a comprehensive monitoring analysis of your competitors in luxury industry, public opinion insight as well as industry dynamics in order to help enterprises getting hold of any sensitive news, public opinion, etc.
Timely detection of public opinion! Quick warning of the crisis!
We enhance the ability of online public opinion monitoring and crisis studies.
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