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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd
We provide in-depth services for business owners with value-added services - 3D shooting.
City Panorama View
Company Location View
Products Online Display
We believe that graphic display alone is not enough for the development of a company in internet, even a 3D modeling display, users hardly experience and observe every detail of the products and get the real effects. Our 3D shootings and displays produce animation effect synthesized by products shootings with greater simplicity, shorter production cycle, smaller file size and easier to be operated comparing with 3D modelling.
3D SHOOTING - Focus on User Experience
360° Product Display & 720° Panoramic View
Convey the scenes to audiences by internet in one second.
Cross-platform display & Multi-channel Sharing
Without any plug-in, HD 3D panoramic views performed with external embedding function makes sharing easy.
Immersive Experience
Interactive features with a full range of user experience at a glance.
Image Compression & Cache Technology
Perfect experiences of high-speed reading and image compression with the use of cache technology.
3D SHOOTING - 8 Main Advantages in Technology
Advantage 1
360° rotating display of products 720° scene without dead corners
Advantage 2
Build virtual exhibition hall
Enhance corporate image
Increase credibility
Advantage 3
Implant videos into the scene
Increase viewing rate
Advantage 4
Multi-channel sharing
Greatly improve the publicity effect
Advantage 5
Smart digital look book
Reduce the cost of presentation Take and browse it at any time
Advantage 6
Personalized intelligent map navigation Increase the visiting rate of users
Advantage 7
In-depth interactive features Overall display of company’s strengths, detailed features and vivid images
Advantage 8
Offline download function
High-end display
Browse easily without internet
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