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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

"All media public opinion monitoring system" integrated with outdoor monitoring information
According to the data monitoring results of system, the professional analyst team will refine the data of monitoring to solve the enterprise’s problem.
The new generation all-media public opinion monitoring system provides enterprise with information services.
The new generation all-media public opinion monitoring system provides government with decision-making services.
With the research of 19 years, we developed independently the "new generation all --media public opinion monitoring system”, including the semantic analysis, neural network, text mining, deep learning, intelligent recommendation, spam recognition, similarity computation and some other AI technology.
Monitoring system coverage: Website, BBS, blog, Weibo, WeChat, print media and mobile media.
Operating instructions: (refer to operating instructions of Oriental Clipping new generation all media public opinion monitoring system)
New generation all-media public opinion monitoring system
“Online and offline synchronous monitoring" and "intelligent identification + manual recognition". Through the intelligent collection of the system, real-time network information can be collected and analyzed by the big data relying on the leading edge technology which ensures the comprehensiveness of the data collection, realize "no spam, no omission". The offline media manual collection of system are thorough and satisfactory in service with the spreading of network over 34 provinces and cities in China. All the data obtained is integrated into the system to form a complete database. According to the data results of the monitoring system, our professional analyst team will refine the monitoring, early warning, analysis in order to solve the problem of enterprises provided a wide range of solutions. The new generation all-media public opinion monitoring system provides information services such as product monitoring, brand monitoring, advertising effect monitoring, competitor monitoring, new media operation monitoring etc. The new generation all media public opinion monitoring system provides government with decision-making services including public opinion, social event, leader’s dynamic, policy implementation effect etc.
6 Core of Oriental Clipping Monitoring System
Virtualization and Cloud Technology Processing
High capacity, high fault tolerance, more stable, more timely and safer data.
Automatic Waste Filtering
The designated content of clients will be automatically extracted from mass information with 99% of accuracy.
3D Spatial Keyword Map
Data recovery includes used and unused data, resource rationalization and comprehensive data with high accuracy.
Similar Article Algorithm
We automatically analyzes the propagation form of the same topic based on the similarity of information, and generates the chart of propagation trajectory.
Powerful Collecting Function
We search for the public opinion of existing media such as websites, news, BBS, blog, Weibo, WeChat, providing important data security for the monitoring services.
Distributed file system
Data protection is conducive to public opinion data security
“Online and offline synchronous monitoring" Complete date without spams and omissions
Online - Unique national patents
The Oriental clipping all-media monitoring big data intelligent management system achieves network real-time crawling and big data automatic analysis through the intelligent collection of the system.
Offline - Unique human network query system
Information "spams", "omissions", "incomplete", is the bottleneck that bothers the public opinion monitoring industry.
The new generation of public opinion system has a unique offline manual collection network.
We collaborate with 200+ libraries, 100+ news bureaus, 500+ newspaper and clippings and more than 2,000 part-time information analyst, carrying out real-time monitoring on 3,000+ media which could hardly be collected from the internet at the same time.
3 Advantages of Oriental Clipping Monitoring System
Easy to Use
"One-stop" services with technology of automatic crawling, classification and judgement on huge amounts of data, automatically generating graphical clipping.
Full Coverage
Our public opinion services rely on crawling technology of our independent intellectual property in addition to human network query all over the country.
Quick Response
Clients are most concerned about the timeliness of information obtaining.
World Expo
(During the World Expo, we analyze three major public opinion issues: some of the entrance congestion, the high price of meals, no way to the entrance, etc., to help decision-makers solve the problem effectively.)
Weihai fire full media public opinion monitoring and analysis report
Comprehensive and detailed scientific analysis, accurate data and realistic, with a red curve visually describes the occurrence of public opinion, objective reporting and the subsidence of the whole process.
public sentiment monitoring
Monitoring time: May 29 - June 3
Monitoring scope: Domestic and foreign media monitoring including: print media, radio and television media, internet media, Weibo, WeChat, blogs, forums, paste it, foreign media
public sentiment trend analysis
Comprehensive, detailed, accurate data, scientific analysis of seeking truth from facts, intuitive description of the occurrence of public opinion, objective reporting, and calming down with a red curve. The lyrical trend chart shows that the sensation of forest fires in Weihai is a successful case of government-led public opinion.
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