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Beijing Eastern Press Clipping International Information Consulting Co., Ltd (abbreviation: Oriental Clippings) has 19 years of industry experience, which is a comprehensive service agency providing big-data personalized information services......

Definition of Oriental Clipping Government Network Public Opinion
Oriental clipping government online public opinion, which refers to online reports or online comments that may or may have influenced the government's work and image.
Basic Services of Oriental Clipping government public opinion solutions
Information institutionalized
Public opinion disposal requirements of government departments to set up the network public opinion management leading group, as the network public opinion management and disposal of decision making and command organization, mainly in charge of the leadership coalesced, leadership as a member of each function department.
Information routinized
Establish 7 x 16 hours (8:00 ~ 24:00) network public opinion monitoring system, timely understand the network public opinion; If there is a major holiday or special period, arrange special people to conduct 24-hour public opinion monitoring.

Set a public opinion alert level

Blue alert,Yellow alert and Red alert

Information centralized
The network public opinion management office as the specific executive department, as a whole is responsible for the relevant network public opinion disposal work.

When the public opinion involves multiple departments and coordination, the leaders of the leading group convene the relevant departments to convene a joint meeting to discuss the solutions.

The monitoring results of online public opinion carry out regular and irregular reporting system

Establish government public opinion event management

Information processized
Discovery: the public opinion monitor found or the city approved the online public opinion.Signed and approved: the office preliminarily prepared the opinion, led the team leader to sign.

Disposal: the public opinion will request an initial response within one hour after receiving the order.

Reply: the reply will be provided by the office to respond and guide through the network platform.
Information socialized
Oriental Clipping government public opinion information management has also developed the function of real-time tracking management for government public opinion. Should be good at communicating with the news media, effectively use the power of network management department to play the leading role of mainstream media.
Monitoring scope
Government's own media monitoring scope: government affairs website, government microblog, government microblog, government affairs

Mobile phone station, government affairs APP, etc.

Government public opinion solutions service library
Oriental clippings advice on above foundation set up after the completion of the work, the demand for government public opinion information solutions partner, will open the east clipping information repository, the government public opinion solution depth cooperation.The main service contents of the solution information library include:
Establish the government's own public opinion information library

Build the government's own information bank through the system. We hold a powerful government sentiment database and intelligently analyzes the data and visualizes it to provide day-to-day work services for the government.

Establish a corpus/thesaurus of government public opinion

We provide a database of key words that can be searched through the establishment of a government monitoring database. The classification and labeling of government text content collected according to certain rules and topics enables text merging and keyword extraction.

Establish massive data integration of government public opinion

We integrate government data to fully understand government data in real time.

Your Choice For Government Public Opinion Solutions

19 years of experience

We rely on the accumulation of data collected by the government's public opinion monitoring over the past 19 years and a nationwide 38-class all-media information monitoring system, based on 10,000+ mainstream media.

Meet the needs of public opinion

Our government's public opinion management system can not only monitor and analyze its own public sentiment in a stable, accurate, and fast manner, but also can comprehensively monitor the context of public opinion, so as to help the government to understand the public opinion dynamic sensitive news, early warning, etc.

Quick warning to crisis

Improve the monitoring ability of online public opinion, enhance the ability to study the crisis. It is suggested to explore the characteristics and evolvement rules of government public opinion crisis under the new media environment through the establishment of government public opinion case database and database.
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